True Purpose Guiding Questions

Looking for some prompts for exploring purpose on your own, or with someone else (a client, collaborator or friend)? Give these a try:

What are some examples of times you participated in a group or a team and felt like you were using your gifts and adding considerable value to the group?

(Give details of the experience such as time, place, people, etc. and also note what super skills you brought to the experience)

What are some examples of times where you participated in a group or team and it didn’t go well? What was your role and why didn’t it work?

(What did you learn about what didn’t work? What did it teach you about your boundaries and your real value?)

Who and what to you fight for (groups of people, causes, demographics, etc)?

(Where do you find injustice in the world?)

What do you effortlessly do really well?

(It can be a lot of fun to ask this question to the people who are closest to you because this is like the water we are sitting in for a lot of people)

What are your greatest strengths?

What do you already know about your purpose? What visions or other guiding moments have you had?

(It’s ok if this questions doesn’t bring anything up – this is totally common. If this is the case, just move on to the next question)

Where do you find flow or what are key moments or memories you have of feeling totally lit up by the work that you were doing or something you were offering?

(List the details of each key moment, including place, time and people involved)

What brings you joy?

(What activities, actions or other parts of your life bring you the greatest felt sense of joy?)

What doesn’t bring you joy?

(These become your boundaries. Having good boundaries will help your energetic system have the capacity to hold the energy container of greater purpose)

What are your archetypes? How do other people describe your “essence”?

What does your body need in order for you to be well?

(What kind of diet, nutrition, exercise, and other bodily supports do you need to be healthy and balanced?)

What skills have you learned or do you offer?