Recommendations: The amazing practitioners that helped me recover my health

Yesterday, I shared about the biggest challenge that I had in my life, which was the health crisis that I went through last year.

Today I want to talk about the (angels) that helped me find solutions to my health issues. I can highly recommend each of these practitioners as great people to look up if you or someone that you love finds themselves in a similar mysterious health circumstance to me.

First off, I want to say that helping people can be a tough job, and to express my enormous gratitude to these people that helped me so very much. I couldn’t have recovered without their assistance, especially not through entirely natural solutions, which these folks helped me to navigate. I will list them in the order of how much time I spent working with each of them.

Marek Doyle

I started working with Marek in the fall of last year. When I first came in, my stomach was basically not working, and I needed my digestion to work in order to make just about any of the natural methods of treatment work (these would be diet and supplement based solutions).

Marek has been my primary go-to in helping me to navigate all of the solutions over the past year. During my first conversation with him, I started crying because I could tell he knew his stuff (I had been researching for 6 years on my own), and I could tell he was the kind of guy who wasn’t going to give up on you. I had the sense that he would be in my corner so long as I needed him.

But really his knowledge of how the body works, biochemically speaking, is far beyond anyone I had ever spoken to. And I had talked to some of the best naturopaths in San Francisco. He created a custom protocol for me that was extremely dialed, creating experiments so that we could see what worked (and what didn’t) and learn from the results.

He gave me unique solutions for beginning to clear the mold legacy issues, and create an epigenetic change that would switch on an immune functioning that I never really have had (hence the incredible sensitivity to mold and chemicals).

Later, he would help me navigate beginning the keto diet in record time with the fewest issues I’ve ever heard of.

He helped find me creative solutions every step of the way, sometimes spending up to an hour at a time hearing about my challenges, and educating me. Thank you Marek!

Molly Chaudoir

Molly is an excellent integrative acupuncturist practicing in Santa Cruz. She really can find an excellent balance between eastern and western practices and perspectives. I actually chose her intuitively based on her photo, and her excellent reviews on yelp certainly helped to support my choice to work with her.

When I first started acupuncture, I was a little skeptical that it was going to work for my condition. But people who had gone before me and recovered from digestive issues had highly recommended acupuncture, so I decided to give it a try.

It was surprisingly helpful. My stomach started to get better. And then Molly helped me navigate the key component to my recovery – she helped me discover that my zinc levels had gotten very low as a result of the mold exposure. This was an issue because zinc signals the stomach to produce acid.

So low stomach acid was another mold legacy issue, and the lack of stomach acid had practically stopped my digestion, and caused a constant pain and inflammation on my right side.

Molly helped me to navigate the introduction of HCL (supplemental stomach acid). This was a game changer! Now I could digest food again, and start getting the nutrients and minerals I needed from food. My migraines stopped, my acne cleared up, and the pain in my side started to subside!

Molly was also just such an excellent support during my health crisis, always listening to me and making me feel comfortable.

Ryan McGladrey

Ryan definitely deserves a mention here. Through working with Ryan, I have felt like I freed up some of my internal resources that were being blocked by the trauma that I was holding in my body before we started to work together.
The major physical difference that I noticed while working with Ryan has been the permanent relaxation of a lot of tension that I was holding in my stomach area (also sometimes called the solar plexus). In retrospect, I feel like some of this tension was making my digestion difficult, and by releasing the tension, I sense that my stomach has been better able to heal itself.
I also feel like our work together just helped me to gain a certainly degree of emotional freedom and increased resourcefulness. I want to say more about our work together another day, because it touches on more than just my recovery from my recent health issues, but here’s what I do want to say… I’ve worked with a lot of somatic therapists and healers and the like, and Ryan’s level of skill just blows anything I’ve seen before completely out of the water. He changes lives.
If you’re looking for someone who can help you to heal and release trauma, and restore connection, Ryan is amazing. I recommend him to all of my friends (and even my clients).

Dima Grinberg

I feel like Dima deserves an honorable mention here. Early on in my digestive troubles, Dima worked on me as a friend (although he has professionally practiced bodywork) and he helped to relieve some of my symptoms, really showing me how the body is able to heal itself, which I fully needed to believe in order to search out natural solutions for my challenges along with other methods of healing that would eventually lead to finding a whole new freedom within my body.


If you’ve been mentioned here, I want to thank you again for all of the ways you helped me and showed me how healing is possible. If it hadn’t of been for your contribution to my life, I might not have recovered, and I definitely would not have the health that I do today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! <3