Our Only Way Forward is to Slow Down

Yesterday, I shared a graphic on Facebook that I felt spoke to the shadow of everything our modern society asks us to stuff away. I was really excited to see the number of people that shared the post, or otherwise engaged with it.

It’s inspired me to take this conversation a level deeper…

Our modern world, with all of it’s speed and urgency, asks us to stuff away A LOT – our unprocessed grief, our fear, and ESPECIALLY our reservations about how sustainable our modern way of living really is.

party mess

It’s kind of like we are collectively living our whole life within the context of an a ongoing coke party – where everyone is focused on enjoying worldly pleasures, cracked out and totally disconnected from reality

Like all good parties, the cost of the party is the quality of your future, what your life will look like when you wake up tomorrow. 
Most obviously, this will be the quality of your own health. 
And like Heroin addict parents, we are not leaving behind a world that’s going to be very healthy for our children to live in, in any way, shape or form. 
It’s understandable that we would want the party. 
Life has so many aspects that are so difficult to encounter. 
Especially when we feel so separate, as modern people do. 
Where do we turn?
How do we survive?
How can we still feel good?

Eventually, we begin to wake up out of the party. 
We realize, it’s just a big party. 
It’s not sustainable. 
Like any really good party, we are unconsciously laying waste to our environment, our earth, our home. 
And like any good party, eventually it’s going to come to an end. 
How far are we going to fall?
That all depends on how far away we are living from reality.

I don’t believe that this is something to fear. 
Awakenings are beautiful. 
And the further we get from reality, the bigger the awakening will be. 

There is beauty even in that sorrow. 
And realization is really one of the very best parts of life.

The question I ask you is
Are you ready to turn back now?
Turn back towards reality, that is.
To “die before you die” as Eckhart Tolle says. 
Only to realize that there is no such thing as death. Just more life.

If we turn back now, there can be so much more life. 
I remain optimistic about humanity’s future.

“Slow down to speed up” is something commonly said by coach Rich Litvin
We need to slow down to begin to process our backlog of our unprocessed collective trauma – and how that trauma shows up for each of us, personally, in our own lives. 
Liberate ourselves and we will find a true pleasure, the bliss of being within systems that are in real harmony
That is my hope for humanity today.

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