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What we do together

Here's a peek at the key areas where I've facilitated change for my clients.

What we end up working on depends entirely on where you're inspired to change most. 


insights and appreciation for your gifts and talents, alignment to your true purpose, putting the puzzle pieces together in your life, integrating career and play into work, and developing holistic vision and plan for life


unwinding the patterns that limit your potential, going to deep places together, tools for facilitating healing in yourself and others

Relationships & Connection

refining those edges that hold you back from having the relationships you really want, self love, authenticity, confidence in communication and relationships


how to find greater flow in everything you do in life, discovering what really brings you joy, stirring things up in a positive way, moving into a joy-based way of life


how to tap into your intuitive skills, how to keep your energy clear and light, managing compassion fatigue as an empath


how you can grow your business (no matter what stage you're at), what you need to know to get to the next stage, creating strategies so that you get there

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