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Affirmations: to use or not use?

Affirmations. They seem like such a staple of the new age community. But do they really work for people? It turns out that the science would say that affirmations work well for people who already have high self esteem, but they can actually make things worse for people who don’t, that is, to actually lower…

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Purpose: It’s the thing that only you uniquely can do.

Purpose is… The thing that only you can do. It’s the “Oh Shit” moment of realizing that if you don’t take the the reins on that thing that you really care so much about, that there’s not going to be anyone else who comes along and does it for you (or anything like you were…

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True Purpose Guiding Questions

Looking for some prompts for exploring purpose on your own, or with someone else (a client, collaborator or friend)? Give these a try: What are some examples of times you participated in a group or a team and felt like you were using your gifts and adding considerable value to the group? (Give details of…

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