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Minda Myers is a pioneer of the new paradigm. Her mission is to help leaders of her generation to find paths of right alignment to their purpose, their true gifts, and connections between their dreams, desires and actions. She works towards a world in which every human is given the circumstances that will help them reach their true potential and fulfillment—a world in which humanity flowers.

Minda is a super connector and bridge builder. She fosters connections between leaders and innovators in the world of spirituality and emergent technologies such as AI, cryptocurrency and social impact startups.

She has acted as a guide for the spiritual growth of key visionary leaders in the startup and venture capital world, and bridges her understanding of new technology and business models to support innovators in the spiritual and relational technology worlds.



Recent Articles

Recommendations: The amazing practitioners that helped me recover my health

Yesterday, I shared about the biggest challenge that I had in my life, which was the health crisis that I went through last year. Today I want to talk about the (angels) that helped me find solutions to my health issues. I can highly recommend each of these practitioners as great people to look up…

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The biggest challenge of my life – and what I learned

I’ve come through a very big health journey over the past 6 years. It’s been amazing and challenging, and in the end priceless – but there were definitely times when I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it. The payoffs have been huge. The insights I have about healing, finding solutions and our…

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Affirmations: to use or not use?

Affirmations. They seem like such a staple of the new age community. But do they really work for people? It turns out that the science would say that affirmations work well for people who already have high self esteem, but they can actually make things worse for people who don’t, that is, to actually lower…

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