Minda & Lawrence


There can't be a site about Minda without mentioning Lawrence, her other half. 

Minda and Lawrence walk the path together, and both are very devoted to the path of waking up through meditation. 

Minda and Lawrence met in 2014 while working together on a startup. Both had done some personal work before they had met one another. So when they came together, each has something to offer the other from their own path and life experiences.

Because they were co-workers at a small company, the decision to date was not one they made lightly, and this ultimately meant that they hit the ground running with a greater level of alignment and integrity in their relationship than they might have otherwise had.

They married in Spring 2016 after a very authentic and romantic proposal and have been happily sharing their lives together ever since. 

You can learn more about their unique and sometimes unusual adventures with the hashtags #AdventuresWithMinda and #AdventuresWithLawrence on twitter / facebook.

happily ever after