"Minda's warmth and genuine caring are all too rare in our fast-paced world."

Who is Minda? 

Minda Myers is a pioneer of the new paradigm and embodies the principles of authentic living through her presence and actions. Her mission is to empower leaders of her generation - to help them to find paths of right alignment to their purpose, their true gifts, and connections between their dreams, desires and actions. She works toward a world in which every human is given the circumstances that will help them to reach their true potential and fulfillment—a world in which humanity flowers.

Minda is a super connector and bridge builder. She fosters connections between leaders and innovators in the world of spirituality and emergent technologies such as AI, cryptocurrency and social impact startups.

She has acted as a guide for the spiritual growth of key visionary leaders in the startup and venture capital world, and bridges her understanding of new technology and business models to support innovators in the spiritual and relational technology worlds.

She holds a B.Sc in computer science, psychology and business, and while in university, founded a society for women in technology that survives to this day. Since then she has assisted countless projects and organizations, first in Silicon Valley, and more recently in Santa Cruz, where she resides.


My work is been influenced by everything I've studied; which includes but is not limited to 5 years of study with the Luminous Awareness Institute, classes and retreats with Kiran Trace, along with many other courses, workshops and retreats for immersive learning in personal transformation, bodywork and meditation.


Besides an interest in purpose, personal transformation and the healing arts, I also enjoy creative endeavors. I love to sing, play music, paint, sculpt and work on other creative projects in my free time.

Personal Life

I'm originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and am married to Lawrence Wang. We live together in a happy home in Santa Cruz. I have a loving family that I visit during the summer in Nova Scotia. I feels very fortunate to have felt a lot of support from my family in all of my various endeavors.

I would absolutely attribute the success in my life to all of the love, support and mentoring I feel so lucky to have received from friends, family and those other special people who have shown up as guides in my life, just when I've needed them.



Certificate in User Experience Design

General Assembly, San Francisco, CA. 2015


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Computer Science and Psychology, minor in Business

Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada. 2007


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