About Minda

Mar 2017 side

Minda Myers is a business strategist, healer and mentor. As a business strategist, she assist clients in identifying opportunities for growth and implementing these growth strategies, primarily focused on online opportunities, such as online courses.

She has spent nearly a decade delving into meditation and transformational work. You can learn more about her healing work at healwithminda.com

Minda's mission is to create and use technology and share practices that help people live with more joy—to help them flourish, at scale.

Prior to coaching, Minda worked in the tech industry on a variety of startups. One of her interests is how to take awakening into business and startup life, and how one can support the other. She has a deep interest in the future of technology & AI and is a former visiting fellow at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Minda comes from Halifax, Nova Scotia (that's in Canada!) and received her B.Sc. in Computer Science and Psychology from Dalhousie University in 2007. She has a wonderful family that still live in Nova Scotia and have supported her in all of her various endeavors.