Affirmations from “Pearls of I AM”


I am a Being that influences the whole Universe. Each time I breathe, think, speak, or act, my energy modifies the space in which I live and the whole Universe.

I am a point where the Universe condenses itself and the Universe is an expansion of my being.

I am the universal current of prosperity, abundance, and fortune acting freely in my life, my home, and my world.

I am the Wisdom, Goodness, and Discernment to govern the correct use of prosperity, abundance, and wealth in my life.

I Am Harmony and you are Harmony.
I Am Love and you are Love.
I Am Truth and you are Truth.
I Am Justice and you are Justice.
I Am Justice and you are Justice.
I Am the Eternal Bliss of being, here and now; the perfet expression of the Creator.

And you are this. You are all that I Am.
I Am Peace fully realized in my life.
I Am the joy of bliss, and you are this.

I am a center of peace and illumination for all beings.
I expand thoughts of peace and harmony in all directions.
The Light and the Love of God vibrate intensely in my being.
I Am what the Creator is.
The perfection of God’s Harmony acts constantly in my life and my world.

The Peace of God is in me.
The Love of God is in me.
The Light of God is in me.
The abundance of God dominates my world.
Wherever I go I awaken the presence of God in all beings.

I Am the perfect prayer that leads the spirit to illumination.
I AM perennial patience that dominates time.
I Am the Christ Consciousness that propagates itself in all beings.

PEARLS OF I AM written by Isabel Barsé available here.

I’ve also put these affirmations into a google doc here.

Affirmations from pearls of I am