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Affirmations from “Pearls of I AM”

AFFIRMATIONS I. I am a Being that influences the whole Universe. Each time I breathe, think, speak, or act, my energy modifies the space in which I live and the whole Universe. II. I am a point where the Universe condenses itself and the Universe is an expansion of my being. III. I am the…

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Affirmations by Minda

These are just a few affirmations that I put together for my own vision board. If you like them, please share them! I’ve posted these along with some other juicy affirmations on Pinterest here.

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Affirmations: to use or not use?

Affirmations. They seem like such a staple of the new age community. But do they really work for people? It turns out that the science would say that affirmations work well for people who already have high self esteem, but they can actually make things worse for people who don’t, that is, to actually lower…

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