Do you want to change the world positively, but find the task of getting yourself and your true offering online daunting?
You can feel in your bones that you are ready to grow, but you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the technical details of putting something online, or maybe you don't yet know how or what you need to launch.
I help visionaries find a clear path forward that allows for big growth through proven online business strategies while also maintaining integrity with their values.

What does Minda offer?

Minda can help guide you through the process of creating your web presence with calm, simple, step-by-step instruction.




Articles written by Minda

A better synthesis of Convey’s Four Quadrants for Time Management


This poster is a synthesis that I made of Stephen Convey’s Four Quadrants for Time Management. Generally speaking, the idea is we want to Focus on tasks that are in alignment with our life path and minimize and manage the things that get in the way of that. I keep it by my desk to help me…

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10x your productivity: getting clear and immediate feedback to see if your actions really matter to your business


Aka how to get that feeling of “I’m working on the right thing”: Last week, I tracked all of my actions with the goal tracker and got fast and direct feedback on whether I was taking the “right” action that would lead to productive new work. Throughout the week, I probably didn’t spend more than…

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Identifying the root causes of 80% of your negative emotions & outcomes


Just listened to a Tim Ferris podcast on how to 10x your productivity and wow – when the podcast actually gets started (at 8:30), it is a full 30 minutes jammed packed with real productivity advice. When he says it’s “one of the most actionable, information-packed interviews I’ve ever done” he’s not kidding. The most…

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Who is Minda Myers?

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Minda is an experienced web designer and developer and a user experience professional. 

She likes to make websites and help others to strategize paths to growth in their business using the best methods, tools and practices and by helping them work through their inner blocks around growth and technology.



"Great educator, guide and support. She really cares about her clients and I love how much she wants to help people who have a vision to help people.

She’s the person that helps people help people. I’d recommend her to anyone who needs someone to hold their hand through the daunting process of launching an online platform for sharing their gifts."

- Mark Tanaka, Yoga Teacher

"Minda is a joy to work with. Her intelligence and skill shows through on all levels: strategic, technical, and interpersonal.

Whether you're looking for someone to help you learn how to quickly build a beautiful, sustainable website, or someone to help you all the way through growing your business online, I can't recommend Minda highly enough."

- Chris Catterton, Writer

"For a person like me who has very little experience in the tech-world, I felt very fortunate to have somebody like Minda consult me.

Aside from having such a positive and friendly demeanor, she was able to look at my work and immediately show me some simple adjustments that have had a huge effect on the clarity of my website.

These are things that I would have never thought about. Plus, she showed me how to expand my web presence, all within 30 minutes time. Thanks Minda!"

- Jonas Blume, Craniosacral Therapist 

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