Powerful Web Presence & Strategy

for Leaders of the Consciousness Movement


Powerful Web Presence & Strategy

for Leaders of the Consciousness Movement












Hello, I am Minda Myers. 

I help leaders, teachers, healers and other professionals use their existing momentum to sculpt more effective business models and practices to accelerate their growth and bolster their online presence substantially.


My clients are people who spend all day helping others. They are usually sensitive, empathize with others easily and have a line of work that contributes to shifting the collective consciousness on the planet, such as coaching, healing, teaching spirituality or something similar.

They work hard every day, and their business reflects that, and they know that if their web presence were better, and their business was more strategic that their work could be having a lot more impact... but putting energy into their website is pretty low on the list of priorities, let alone enjoyable activities.

This is where our work together begins. I help to break down complicated technical concepts and business strategies and make everything seem a lot more sane and approachable. I give you ways to do work on your business and website that feels a lot more creative and intuitive. I help you find strategies that will work for you based on your interests and what comes easily for you. 

I strive to hold a great degree of presence while we consult and work together, and craft business strategies that are as simple and effortless as possible for you to implement in your business. Together we can create a powerful business strategy that makes sense for who you are and the real opportunities available. At the end of the day, your business and web presence ends up feeling more "you" than anything you'd experienced before.

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Business Models that work for you

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Strategies


Aligning business strategies to your strengths, passions and purpose


Identify Your Audience

Find Ideal, Highly Committed Clients

Uncover Your "Wow" Factor


Polished and Beautiful Website Design

Content Redesigns

Templates for Social Media

Where to Find Me

I live in Santa Cruz, California and work with clients throughout North America

In the online world, you an find me on Facebook

Ready to Start?

To begin a conversation, send me a message using the contact form on this site.