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Powerful Coaching to Realize & Live Your Fullest Potential

Hello, I am Minda Myers. 

I help people and organizations wanting to change the world in a positive way discover EXACTLY what they most need to focus on. 

My clients vary greatly in their areas of focus in the world; some are changing the world by solving important problems as a leader in their startup, others have a more humanitarian focus and work as doctors, therapists and healers. But they do all have one thing in common: a desire to impact the world in a positive way while they are here this planet.

In our work together, we do a lot of inner discovery. We go to some deep places. We tidy up any sorts of internal conflicts blocking access to your full potential.  We discover the very best uses of  your unique talents in some cases, or we explore and uncover the valuable gifts that make you unique in others. And most importantly, we connect with the deepest and most authentic truth of why you are here and what you have to bring. 

The result of this inquiry is a clarity of vision, a crystal clear focus and the unobstructed internal bandwidth with which to take on the world. 

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Where to Find Me

I live in Oakland, California and work with clients throughout North America

In the online world, you an find me on Facebook


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