Welcome! I’m glad you’ve found me :)

My name is Minda Myers and I’m a spiritual transhumanist living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I spend my time working on projects, building community and helping businesses that I believe have a positive impact on the world. I embrace our technological future and all of the possible positive new human experiences that technological advances can and will enable for humans. I advocate for keeping the heart of humanity in mind in technological design and promote building safe new technology that essentially brings us all closer together.

I’m a long time meditator and love to talk about meditation and related practices.

I’m currently building software to help speed up the collection and understanding of MRI brain data so that we can speed up our scientific understanding of the operation of the mind.
My professional life has consisted of studying humans and computers. I’ve devoted a large chunk of my career experience to synergizing with the world of computers and  I’ve worked on over 20 websites and 3 different startups. I aim balance my time between learning and creating new things with technology and going ever deeper with human connection and world getting.