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The 9 supplements I used to fix my mold issues (for good)

How I overcame low energy, difficulty concentrating and digestive challenges in 4 steps I’ve already shared on this blog about some of the health challenges that I’ve experienced over the past seven years, following an exposure to mold. Today I want to talk about what supplements I took that I believe were most important for…

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Recommendations: The amazing practitioners that helped me recover my health

Yesterday, I shared about the biggest challenge that I had in my life, which was the health crisis that I went through last year. Today I want to talk about the (angels) that helped me find solutions to my health issues. I can highly recommend each of these practitioners as great people to look up…

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The biggest challenge of my life – and what I learned

I’ve come through a very big health journey over the past 6 years. It’s been amazing and challenging, and in the end priceless – but there were definitely times when I wasn’t sure that I was going to make it. The payoffs have been huge. The insights I have about healing, finding solutions and our…

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