Portfolio of Minda Myers, a Silicon Valley based Counscious Technologist
About Me

I am greatly inspired to be in the San Francisco Bay Area to contribute to the conscious creation of technology on our planet and to take part in global technological change and transformation

I care deeply for humans and for this amazing and beautiful world we find all around us and my hope is that we can not only solve the problems that we need to solve on a global scale; environmentally, operationally, to solve hard biological problems in medicine and longevity, but that we can partner with and safely use technology in order to explore all that is potentially possible and available for us to experience.

UX Experience
I make things happen with technology. I utilize the best tech and practices around. I'm trained in UX, computer science and people and I like to lend my talents to conscious businesses. I've been so fortune as to get direct experience working on startups and my three big projects in the Bay Area have been Hylo, Stanford, and Castlight Health.
Silicon Valley Personality
Mentored by Danielle Fong, interests include AI, life extension, interpersonal communication and meditation. I have experience with the startup scene, and participated in YC's female founders conference this year.
User Experience Design
General Assembly, 2015
B.Sc. Computer Science and Psychology
Dalhouie University, 2007