I'm an empathic user experience designer located in Berkeley, California. 

I advocate for the conscious use of technology and strive to support  efforts that help humanity advance in our connection to one another on a global scale. 


I ♥ Lean User Experience


What is Lean UX all about?

It's about saving  time and money and learning from experimentation by prototyping user experiences and interactions in the cheapest way possible and trying them out on real people, long before a final version is implemented.


I'm experienced with:

  • JS/CSS Prototypes
  • Invision Prototypes
  • Mockups, Wireframes
  • Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • User Interviews

I'm currently learning:

  • FramerJS Mobile Prototypes
  • Product Idea Validation

I implement websites... fast

If you are trying to get your small business or personal website online, I can provide the entire range of services required to take you from "I think I need..." to a polished and professional web experience.

My Skills:  CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS, etc.

Platforms of choice: Squarespace (recommended in most cases), Wordpress, other (inquire).

I can usher the project from ideation to product, if desired, or if there's an existing team with roles already defined, I can integrate easily to balance the roles that have not already been filled. 

I'm also connected to a network of great people, including amazing developers and designers, and can invite them to bring in their skills and gifts to any project as required.


As a UX Professional, my approach to building business websites user focused first.


About Me

Hi, I'm Minda! I'm an UX engineer, experienced web frontend developer and startup enthusiast located in the Bay Area of California. 

I'm an avid meditator, an empath and an authentic communicator. I bring clarity and simplicity to complex concepts and problems.


Dalhousie University, 2007.
B.Sc. Computer Science & Psychology

General Assembly, 2015.
User Experience Design