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Minda Myers is a pioneer of the new paradigm. Her mission is to help leaders of her generation to find paths of right alignment to their purpose, their true gifts, and connections between their dreams, desires and actions. She works towards a world in which every human is given the circumstances that will help them reach their true potential and fulfillment—a world in which humanity flowers.

Minda is a super connector and bridge builder. She fosters connections between leaders and innovators in the world of spirituality and emergent technologies such as AI, cryptocurrency and social impact startups.

She has acted as a guide for the spiritual growth of key visionary leaders in the startup and venture capital world, and bridges her understanding of new technology and business models to support innovators in the spiritual and relational technology worlds.



Recent Articles

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5 Go-to’s for Entering Presence

Struggle mode! Who amongst us doesn’t find themselves in a difficult place from time-to-time? There’s only one thing I’ve found consistently helps me get back to a healthy baseline when I get into a place of struggle. And that is to drop my attention and awareness into presence. I’ve tried a lot of different tools…

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Our Only Way Forward is to Slow Down

Yesterday, I shared a graphic on Facebook that I felt spoke to the shadow of everything our modern society asks us to stuff away. I was really excited to see the number of people that shared the post, or otherwise engaged with it. It’s inspired me to take this conversation a level deeper… Our modern…

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The 9 supplements I used to fix my mold issues (for good)

How I overcame low energy, difficulty concentrating and digestive challenges in 4 steps I’ve already shared on this blog about some of the health challenges that I’ve experienced over the past seven years, following an exposure to mold. Today I want to talk about what supplements I took that I believe were most important for…

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