Powerful Business Strategy

for Conscious Leaders


Powerful Business Strategy

for Conscious Leaders













Hello, I am Minda Myers. 

I help conscious leaders use their existing momentum to sculpt more effective business models and practices to accelerate their growth and bolster their brand offering substancially.

My clients are genuinely motivated to help others. They are usually sensitive, and empathize with others easily. They often have a vision for how they can make the world a better place, but sometimes struggle to be strategic enough with their efforts to always feel like they are making an impact as large as their care is.

They have their heart fully in their work, and sense that there are things that they could be doing to reach more people and have more impact and opportunities, but don't know where to start - what the best opportunities are for them, what strategies are best going to take them to the next level (every business owner is unique). Usually business strategy is one of the last things they want to think about. 

This is where I step in. I can speak both human and business strategy, and together we can create a powerful business strategy that makes sense for who you are and the real opportunities available.

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Powerful Business Models

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Strategies


To Your Mission & Purpose


Identify Your Audience

Find Ideal, Highly Committed Clients

Uncover Your "Wow" Factor


Website Design

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Where to Find Me

I live in Santa Cruz, California and work with clients throughout North America

In the online world, you an find me on Facebook

Ready to Start?

To begin a conversation, send me a message using the contact form on this site.